Week 1- Enthusiasm, Struggles & Triumphs

Here is a wrap up of my first full week of training in almost 2 years.
I am tracking my workouts, my FitBit steps, and my eating using the free app www.myfitnesspal.com

I am working out from home using bodyweight exercises combined with resistance bands and I also use a medicine ball with my core workouts.
My workouts take around 30 minutes to complete, so they are quick, intense and I get up a good sweat. 

I am using an online program to help keep me focused and motivated. To be honest I find it easier to workout following videos. I can follow the videos and it's like having a personal trainer in my home.

The program I am following is called Bodyweight Burn. If you are interested in 20-30 minute bodyweight workouts to lose weight and get in shape click here to see what it is about.
I am 50m years old, and I find it challenging but acheivable. I can't do all of it but it's a great workout that isn't too hard and I want to come back the next day for the next workout. 

Monday - Chest, Legs, Back & Core Workout.

Warm Up

​Warming up is essential, and because of my dodgy knee, my sore shoulder, dodgy elbows and weak wrists I take at least 10 minutes to warm up. 
I run on the spot, I do push ups against a table for my shoulders and chest, I swing my arms in circles, I do squats. i bend over and touch my toes, I loosen up my back.
In short I spend 10 minutes loosening up my whole body from head to toe. 

Chest Workout

The chest workout involves different types of push ups to target all parts of the chest

​Narrow hands push ups
Shoulder width push ups
Wide hand push ups

Legs Workout

The leg workout seemed fairly easy with alternating leg squats followed up by alternating front lunges and alternating rear lunges. 

Single bound squat ( alternating)
Front lunge - (alternating)
Rear lunge (alternating)

Back Workout

I used the resistance bands for the first time doing rows. 
These are the same as you would do rows at the gym on a machine, only this time the bands are causing the resistance.

Core Workout

I used a medicine ball to help out with momentum while doing the core workouts. 
To be honest, I was absolutely knackered so I found it easier using the medicine ball.

Tuesday, Afterburner Cardio Workout

Tuesday was my fat burning cardio workout.
This workout involves interval training with intervals of 8 seconds of flat out effort followed by 12 seconds rest. 
I chose mountain climbers, and after 15 minutes I was ready to collapse!
So I switched to running on the spot, and thankfully I managed on stay on my feet.

If you don't know how to do mountain climbers, check out the video below from my YouTube Channel.

Wednesday - Cardioflow workout

Wednesdays workout is perfect for dads who are out of shape. 
The cardioflow flow workout is 8 movements that flow into each other repeating over and over for a total of between 15-30 minutes depending on your fitness.
If you like playing with your kids / grandkids, things like wrestling with them but you have trouble rolling over and getting up off the floor, then cardioflow is perfect for you.

Thursday-Shoulders/ Legs  Arms & Core

Todays workout was the hardest of all the workouts so far. 
The shoulder workout is simplified handstands, just wit decreased angles instead of straight up and down. 
The arms workouts are really satisfying involvong working out the biceps and triceps using the resistance bands.

Shoulder Workout

The shoulder workouts are based on variations of handstands where you push your body up from the ground. 
I put my feet up on a step and position my body in a v-type position doing press ups concentrating on working out my shoulders. 

Legs Workout

The legs workout is the same as Tuesday's workout

Single bound squat ( alternating)
Front lunge - (alternating)
Rear lunge (alternating)

Arms Workout

Bicep curls using resistance bands
Tricep kick back using resistance bands

Core Workout

I used the medicine ball to help with momentum during the core workout. 
I think it actually helps by providing the momentum to help me finish the whole set as apposed to not having the strength to finish the set wit body weight alone.

Lying leg raise
Lying leg raise knees bent
Lying leg raise knees bent (Alternating legs)

Friday & Saturday

These 2 days are a repeat of the previous afterburner and cardioflow workouts 
Friday is an Afterburner workout and Saturday is a Cardioflow workout

My Fitness Pal Food Diary For The Week

I don't follow any type of diet but I do try to eat food that is not processed. 
I generally eat chicken, meat, salad, fruit , nuts and veggies. 
I occasionally slip up and eat junk food and takeaway, but I have been pretty disciplined over the past 2 months.
In fact I have lost 6.60 lbs over the past 3 months, just by cutting out biscuits, lollies, cakes take away.

Here is what I ate on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. 
The meals are all healthy and easy to prepare
I generally eat the same meals for breakfast and lunch during work hours, mainly due to convenience.

My FitBit Steps

I use my FitBit to motivate myself each day to reach my 10,000 steps.
Sometimes I reach the milestone while I am at work.
If I havent reached 10,000 steps by mid afternoon I will go for a walk either before or after dinner.
Below are my FitBit stats for this week.


I realise this is my first full week of exercising and my I am not as fit as I thought I was.
I struggled with push ups.
I couldn't believe that but this is the reality of my fitness and strengt.
My shoulders need loosening up and strengthening, much the same as the rest of my body. 
That will come with consistency, and learning to push myself when I am struggling to finish an exercise. 
That is what Muscle Me Over is about.
Being consistent with exercise and being consistent with your diet.
I am not trying to be a bodybuilder, I am trying to get in the best shape I can while juggling crazy work hours, family commitments, and whatever else life throws up to derail my fitness.

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