Getting Fit At 50 – Battling My Mind & Aching Joints

Getting fit at 50 has been a high priority for me but to be honest I have been suffering from a lack of motivation in regards to my own training for the last 18 months.
I injured the tendons in my right hand, my tennis elbow flared up in my left arm, and I have a cartilage tear in the meniscus in my knee.

I am determined to be fitter and live a healthier lifestyle so I decided enough of the excuses, just get off my butt and start moving.

Purchase An Online Program

I purchased a training program last January called Bodyweight Burn. It's a home workout exercise program incorporating bodyweight exercises, resistance band exercises and cardio. I thought it was a great way to get back into training as my muscles and joints are not as strong as they were 20 years ago. 

It has been one of my better purchases, and the training is definitely challenging, but less taxing on my sore joints.

To keep myself up to date with my progress, I am tracking my training, my food intake using a free app called My Fitness Pal and I track my walking / steps with a FitBit.

Day 1 Training

Today's training works the following body parts.
I"ll go into more details to show you how I trained each body part.

Chest Workout

The chest workout involves 2 types of training.
The first section is mechanical training which is your regular bodyweight exercises.
The exercises start off with the easiest version, and then progress 2 steps to the hardest version. 
I though this was going to be easy, but I quickly realised just how tough bodyweight training can be.

Mechanical Advantage Set

The mechanical advantage set involves 3 types of push ups that get progressively harder.
The push ups start with narrow hands, placing the hands in a diamond shape in the middle of the chest.
Then I move onto regular push ups, and I admit I was struggling.
The third type are wide hands push ups, placing the hands just wide of the shoulders.
There was no way I could do these.
My shoulders just don't have the strength. I managed to complete 2 and then I went back to regular push ups. 
I cannot believe how much strength I have lost in the last 18 months, even push ups are a struggle at the moment.

Isometric / Dynamic Set

This section is hard, really hard.
It involves holding the bottom position of a push up for 30 seconds and then 40 seconds of quad press. 
Then repeat. 
I tried......  
But it was hard.
Hopefully next time is better.  

Legs Workout

I found the leg workout was not as hard as I thought it would be until I reached the isometric section.

Mechanical Advantage Set

I did single leg squats to start off with, alternating each leg. I was a bit wobbly at the start but found my balance pretty quickly. 
Then came front lunges followed by rear lunges, both alternating each leg. 
I find the best results with lunges is to really slow down the movement. This way I can feel that burn in the tops of my thighs, and I know I get the most out of this exercise. 

Isometric / Dynamic Set

wall squat

If you want to really feel some pain in your legs, try doing a wall squat for 30 seconds. 
A wall squat involves placing your back up against a wall and then sliding down to a sitting position, which you then hold for 30 seconds. 
It hurts!!
Then I followed up with 45 seconds of bodyweight squats. 
Repeat and burn.

Back Workout

As with the other workouts,  the back workout also involves a mechanical set ans an Isometric / dynamic set
This is the first exercise involving the use of resistance bands. 
Resistance bands are relatively cheap, and they can be used just about anywhere. 
I use the door attachment which can be placed at the top, bottom or either side of the door. 

Mechanical Set

The mechanical set uses an exercise called band rows. 
It involves a similar action to the rows people do at he gym on machines.

bands rows starting position
bands rows back position

I started off around 3 steps back for maximum resistance, then moved in half a step for the next 2 sets. 
These were challenging, but not impossible. If I found them too hard, I could just move in half a step to ease the resistance.

​Isometric / Dynamic Set

This set has bands reverse flyes as the exercise. 
This involves taking the bands back towards your shoulders and holding for 30 seconds
This is a particularly hard hold, and to get the most out of it I I pinched my shoulder blades back as hard as I could. 

Core Workout

The core workout is 3 sets of leg raises in the dynamic workout followed by planks and v/ups .
Again, it wasn't easy but I am happy I managed to finish todays workout.

Mechanical Workout

The mechanical component involves 40 seconds of lying leg raises, 40 seconds of lying leg raise with knees bent, then another 40 seconds of alternating lying leg raises with bent knees.
I felt the burn big time during this workout. 

Isometric / Dynamic Workout

The plank is the main exercise here followed up with V-Ups. 
Hold the plank for 30 seconds, then go to V -Ups for 45 seconds. 
I was running out of puff so I used a medicine ball to help with the V-Ups. 
It just helped me maintain some momentum. 

FitBit Steps

I wear my fitbit most days as a way to track my steps and keep me motivated. 
I aim to reach 10,000 steps on weekdays, and weekends I relax a bit and rarely get to the 10,000 unless I purposely go out for a long walk.

My Fitness Pal

​I am using the free version of My Fitness Pal to keep track of my food. 
Diet is probably the most important part of any health routine.
Get this part wrong and you are just waisting your time.

I generally have oatmeal for breakfast and add different types of fruit for variation.
It is filling and easy to cook in the microwave at work. 
I made up some rissoles using mince turkey over the weekend so I had 4 of those at lunch.
I forgot to buy salad so I just grabbed some carrots and celery I found in the fridge. 
It's not the best combination I know but it was the best I could do as I was running late to leave for work. 
Dinner was leftover beef curry. 
The flavor is so much better after 24 hours, and it was full of vegetables  as well so it was a nice healthy meal.

My Fitness Pal Food Diary

You can click here to sign up for your free account.
I don't follow any type of diet, I just try to eat clean and healthy.
I have removed biscuits and potato chips out of my diet due to cholesterol problems.
The same with take away food.

I don't get it right all the time though, I still get cravings and fall into old habits, but I am getting better. 


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