Different Types of Push Ups | 9 Exercises That Will Blast Your Arms

Gone are the days when a push-up was just the standard kind that you saw soldiers do repeatedly during training. While those were effective and built upper-body strength, nowadays with the popularity of bodyweight workouts skyrocketing, there are many different types of push ups that one can do to target the different muscles in their arms.

different types of push ups

The exercises listed below will target your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and chest and to a certain extent, your back and core muscles too. Push-ups are a fantastic way to develop strength in your upper body. They’re great for men who are 40 and above because push-ups are a low impact exercise and will not strain your joints. Now, let’s look at what the exercises are.

Wide Arm Push Up

This is similar to the standard push up. The only difference is that you will need to spread your arms wider apart. This will target your pectoral muscles better.

Pike Push Up

This is one of the tougher push-ups and it’s great for targeting your shoulders. To do it, you’ll need to assume the normal push-up position. Now bring both your legs closer to your palms so that your body forms an upside down V position.

Keep your legs and arms as straight as you can. Then bend your elbows and lower your head forward till it almost touches the ground and push back up to starting position.

Diamond Push Up

Another very popular push-up that targets your triceps very effectively. Assume the normal push-up position. Bring your palms close together so that the thumbs and index fingers on both hands are touching each other. This will form a diamond shape which is how the push-up got its name. Now do the push-ups.

Wall Assisted Hand Stand Push Up

This is a push-up that will add more resistance and give your arms a better workout. Of course, you’ll need to know how to safely execute a handstand against a wall before you can do it.

Approach a wall and in one smooth motion, you’ll need to bend forward, place your palms on the floor and kick up with your legs till they’re over your head and resting against the wall. You’ll now be doing a handstand with your feet leaning against the wall for some support and balance.

Bend your arms and lower your body and push back up again. This is a challenging and slightly dangerous push-up. So, maintain focus and balance.

Decline Push Ups

These are also known as feet push-ups. Basically, your feet will be on an elevated surface like a bench, chair, etc. By placing your body at a decline position, there will be increased resistance to your upper body and you’ll be able to really give your pecs and arms a good workout.

One Arm One Leg Push Up

You’ll need to do standard push-ups but only using one hand and raising the alternate foot off the ground as you do the push-up. Alternate hands and feet as you do the reps. This is way tougher than it sounds.
As you can see in the video, this si one tough exercise!

Exploding Push Up

This is a dynamic move and if you have elbow joint problems or shoulder issues, it’s best avoided. This is similar to a standard push-up but you’ll be pushing off the ground in an explosive manner so that your upper body is in the air for a second or two. Then you’ll drop back down and repeat the rep.

The force required to push off from the ground so that you are temporarily airborne will challenge your muscles in a way that standard push-ups never could.

Exploding Push Up With A Clap

This is similar to an exploding push-up except that you clap your hands in front of your chest when you push off. Essentially, it means pushing off further from the ground so that you have time to execute that clap. To do double or triple claps, you’ll really need to push yourself off from the ground high enough to have the time to do these claps. Be cautious because you can fall on your face if you misjudge your timing.

Hand Stand Push Ups

This time, you’ll not be using a wall for balance. You must be really good at doing a handstand without any support before even attempting this push-up. Your core and upper body needs to be really strong too. Do a handstand and lower and raise your body using only your arms while your legs are extended in the air and unsupported.


Use these 9 different types of push ups in your training regimen and you’ll notice that your arms get stronger and more sculpted over time. Bodyweight training is excellent for giving you the type of body that Greek statues have. This is definitely a goal worth aiming for.

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