Want to Get Ripped? You NEED Compound Training Exercises!

It’s very common to see people at the gym doing bicep curls when they’re trying to lose weight.
They do not understand the difference between isolation exercises and compound training exercises.

If you want to boost your metabolism and shred fat, you MUST be doing compound training exercises.

These movements recruit the major muscle groups and use multiple joints during the exercise.
That makes them much more challenging and they burn a lot more calories.

A bicep curl is an isolation exercise and it only works your bicep.
A deadlift is a compound exercise and it works your lower back, abs, butt, calves, traps, obliques, adductors and a few others.

As you can see, just one deadlift works way more muscles and is far more effective for building strength and burning calories than any isolation exercise.

Now let’s look at some of the best compound exercises that you should be doing.


deadlift with dumbells
deadlift with dumbbells

As mentioned earlier, this is the king of all compound exercises just because of the number of muscles it works.
It also strengthens your lower back and prevents you from getting back problems that so many people experience.


dumbbell squat
dumbbell squat low position

Another fantastic exercise that burns a ton of calories and will work your leg muscles till they burn.
Want your biceps to get bigger?
Train your legs more.
It may seem counterintuitive but there is solid science behind it. Training legs increases your testosterone and production of growth hormone.
So, muscles all over your body grow bigger in a shorter time.

Bench Press/Dumbbell Press

This exercise is the most famous one of the lot and men are always about how much they can bench.
The dumbbell press works the pectoral muscles in the chest and also works the triceps and shoulders too.
Do it on an inclined, flat and declined bench to work the chest completely.

Shoulder Press

Dumbbell seated shoulder press
Shoulder Press
Compound Exercise

This compound exercise works your shoulders, traps, lats and triceps.

Basically you’ll be seated and raising dumbbells from shoulder height till they’re above your head and you’ll lower them back to your shoulders to complete one rep.

This exercise will also recruit your core muscles to keep you stable during the pushing motion.


Rows are usually done with dumbbells but you can use barbells too. They target the back muscles which are the rhomboids, lumbar and traps.
Depending on which rows exercise you do, you may also hit your quads, glutes, abs, biceps and shoulders.

Dumbbell exercises
Dumbbell Bent Over Row - Compound Movement


This exercise is great for opening up your chest so that your pecs look wide and well developed.
They work the lower chest, shoulders and triceps.

Most men follow a training routine like the one below:

Monday: Chest and Triceps
Tuesday: Legs and Abs
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Back and Biceps
Friday: Shoulders, Traps and Abs
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: Rest Day

You could also have a routine where you do only pulling movements on one day and pushing movements on another day.
This is a better way to train since you’ll not be training the same muscles too often since many compound exercises recruit several muscles at once.

Lastly, let’s not neglect our cardio which is just as important.
Do two 20 to 30- minute cardio sessions a week.
It could be brisk walking or high intensity interval training.
The activity is not as important as the need to raise your heart rate and give your body a cardiovascular workout.
This will lead to a body that has both strength and stamina… and also looks good enough to turn heads when you walk by.

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