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Mondays Workout of the Day – Food Diary and FitBit Steps

Workout of the day

I usually wake up feeling sluggish on a Monday morning. Usually from too much bad foods washed down with too much alcohol.  But a weekend in the rainforest, eating good, clean food and drastically cutting down my alcohol intake  has me feeling pretty good this Monday.All ready to tackle Monday’s workout of the day.I finished […]

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Week 1- Enthusiasm, Struggles & Triumphs

Here is a wrap up of my first full week of training in almost 2 years.I am tracking my workouts, my FitBit steps, and my eating using the free app www.myfitnesspal.comI am working out from home using bodyweight exercises combined with resistance bands and I also use a medicine ball with my core workouts.My workouts […]

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Getting Fit At 50 – Battling My Mind & Aching Joints

getting fit at 50 using resistance bands

Getting fit at 50 has been a high priority for me but to be honest I have been suffering from a lack of motivation in regards to my own training for the last 18 months.I injured the tendons in my right hand, my tennis elbow flared up in my left arm, and I have a […]

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