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Want to Get Ripped? You NEED Compound Training Exercises!

It’s very common to see people at the gym doing bicep curls when they’re trying to lose weight. They do not understand the difference between isolation exercises and compound training exercises.If you want to boost your metabolism and shred fat, you MUST be doing compound training exercises. These movements recruit the major muscle groups and […]

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Are Barbells Better Than Dumbbells for Building Bigger Muscles

are barbells better than dumbells

This is a very common question that is often hotly debated in the bodybuilding circles. While some people swear by dumbbells, others prefer barbells and claim that they’re more effective. So, the question is… Are barbells better than dumbbells? Who is right?The truth of the matter is there is no right or wrong answer here. […]

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How To Calculate Total Daily Energy Expenditure and Use It To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

How To Calculate Total Daily Energy Expenditure and Use It To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Have you ever been frustrated by your workout results? Can’t seem to lose that stubborn belly fat? Or maybe you want to add bulk, but just can’t seem to?This article will teach you how to calculate total daily energy expenditure and then use it to acheive your fitness goals.Not getting the results you crave from […]

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8 Ways To Improve Your Push Ups (For The Beginner)

performing push ups

Do you struggle trying to reach 10 push ups?Do your shoulders start to ache, or your upper arms run out of strength?Maybe your wrists are the problem. If you struggle to reach 10 push ups using proper form then read on as I will show you 8 ways to improve your push ups.​Identify your weak pointsAs […]

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4 Exercises To Help Conquer Male Middle Age Spread

middle age spread

We’ve all heard the common excuse – “I don’t have the time to exercise!” In many cases, this just might be true. Our lifestyles these days are hectic and just about everyone is in a rat race. The focus is on forging ahead in their careers so that they can provide better for their families.And […]

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6 Minute Bodyweight Workout Targeting Your Upper Body, Lower Body & Core

6 minute bodyweight workout

This 6 minute bodyweight workout will focus on  your upper body, your lower body and the core in a full body workout.You won’t need any equipment so you can do this workout virtually anywhere. The lounge room, the garage, outdoors in a park – wherever you feel like exercising!It is such a versatile and enjoyable workout […]

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What The Hell Is A Dad Bod And Do You Have One?

dad bod to fit bod

What the hell is a Dad Bod ?The term ‘Dad Bod’ has gone viral and it refers to the type of body that so many men have these days. It’s a body that’s slightly overweight but not obese. The muscles are not toned and the term could be used to describe any man whether he’s […]

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Different Types of Push Ups | 9 Exercises That Will Blast Your Arms

different types of push ups

Gone are the days when a push-up was just the standard kind that you saw soldiers do repeatedly during training. While those were effective and built upper-body strength, nowadays with the popularity of bodyweight workouts skyrocketing, there are many different types of push ups that one can do to target the different muscles in their […]

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Advanced Bodyweight Exercises – 6 Bodyweight Exercises For Real Strength

advanced bodyweight exercises pistol squats

Just like most arts in life, bodyweight training has a range of difficulty too. There are exercises that can be considered as beginner level and others that are extremely advanced bodyweight exercises and excruciatingly difficult to do.As a middle-aged man, it will depend on what your fitness level is. If you’re struggling to do 10 proper […]

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5 Bodyweight Training Tips for Men Above 40

King squat bodyweight training

Bodyweight training is without a doubt one of the best methods of training for middle-aged men. We have to face the hard truths that as we age, it takes a longer time for the body to recover. You’ll also be much more likely to suffer a sprain, strain or muscle tear if your moves are […]

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