Bodyweight Training for Men Above 40

Bodyweight training is one of the best ways to tone your muscles, build strength and stay lean. While it is great for people of all ages, bodyweight training for men above 40  is especially useful.

side plank

Unlike traditional weight training that requires  lifting heavy weights and training to failure, bodyweight training is much easier on your joints. As men age, their joints will be less supple and more prone to injury. This is especially true for their knees. Exercises like barbell squats and even deadlifts may be too strenuous for their joints.

Bodyweight training is ideal in situations like this because you’re only dealing with your own weight. You’ll be able to strengthen your core, boost your stamina, increase your metabolism, burn your stubborn fat and look great with the right bodyweight exercises.

In fact, the human body is extremely responsive to bodyweight training because it has evolved to do so. Moves like push-ups, tuck jumps, sit ups, etc. are all natural body movements. We just don’t do them enough nowadays because the advent of technology has led to sedentary lifestyles.

​Why Is Bodyweight Training Good For You?

Bodyweight training is great for adults because in a way, it restores youth. You start to move in the same way that you did when you were a child. Getting up and rolling on the floor and sitting up were all natural movements that you used to do.

Remember those days when you used to climb at the playground and jump around? All those are bodyweight exercises. You just stopped doing them as you got older.

With age also comes muscular atrophy and men generally lose muscle as the years go by. Bodyweight training will help retard muscle loss and you may even gain lean muscle with regular bodyweight training.

In fact, one of the most physically demanding disciplines in the Olympics is gymnastics and it is the epitome of bodyweight training.

You Also Save Money

You won't need to pay for a gym membership and you do not need any exercise equipment. As long as you have some space, you’re good to go. There is actually a type of training known as ‘cubicle workouts’ where you can get a great workout just by doing bodyweight exercises in a cubicle.

So, you really don’t need much space either. That should remove most of the commonly given excuses when it comes to exercising.

What Exactly is Bodyweight Training?

Basically, it’s resistance training where the weight of your body is the resistance you’re up against. Doing a push up? Your arms are pushing up your body’s mass.

Doing a lunge? Your thigh muscles are pushing your bodyweight upwards. You’re constantly battling gravity. That summarizes bodyweight training in a nutshell.

How Do You Get Started?

Simple. You need to know what exercises you’ll be doing. Make a list of the bodyweight exercises you’ll be doing. If you’re doing pull-ups, you’ll need a pull up bar. If you’re doing basic exercises like push-ups, sit ups, etc. you may need an exercise mat.

You may also wish to have a set of dumbbells if you want to have more resistance in your workouts. While that may be considered as weights, generally, people do use dumbbells to take their bodyweight training to the next level. Other than that, it goes without saying that your workout attire should be comfortable and not restrict your movements.

Here's a Sample Bodyweight Routine

Below you’ll see a bodyweight routine that looks simple but will definitely be challenging. Ideally, bodyweight workouts should be full-body workouts. That will be the best way to boost stamina and burn fat while you strengthen your muscles.

You can either choose to go by speed or reps. If you go by speed, you aim to do more reps in a given time period. For example, going from 15 push-ups to 20 push-ups in seconds. If you’re going by reps, you could increase your reps with each set. There is no time frame involved.

Now let’s look at a bodyweight workout. You can learn how to do all these moves by searching on Google or YouTube. That’s the best way to know exactly how to execute these exercises.

Full Body Workout Perfect For Over 40's

Alternating Knee to Elbow Push-ups (30 seconds)
Rest (10 seconds)
Burpees (30 Seconds)
Rest (10 seconds)
Plank to push up (30 seconds)
Rest (10 seconds)
Alternating lunges (30 Seconds)
Rest (10 seconds)
Mountain climbers (30 seconds)

Rest for 2 minutes after the set is over… and repeat 3 or 4 more times. This workout alone is enough to work most of your major muscle groups and leave you panting in exhaustion.


That’s basically all there is to it. Do your research online and try out different types of bodyweight workouts. Variety will keep your body guessing and the training will always be challenging which will lead to improvements in strength and stamina.
In a few weeks, you’ll definitely see how bodyweight training for men above 40 will give you more energy and you will feel stronger.

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