Bodyweight Back Exercises – 5 Exercises to Strengthen your Back

It’s very common for most men to focus on building the muscles in their upper body so that they look good in a t-shirt. Nothing quite commands attention the way bulging biceps or broad muscular shoulders do. However, the back muscles are often neglected so I will show you some bodyweight back exercises you can do in your own living room.

bodyweight exercises for back

In fact, you may have heard several stories of people throwing out their back or straining it when they tried moving the couch or even just bending down to pick the remote for the TV. A lack of strength in the back or poor back conditioning is often the cause of these issues.

In fact, roughly 80% of people in the US will experience moderate to intense back pain at some time if their life. On a global scale, this will translate to millions of people dealing with back problems.

Over the past few years Pilates, Barre and yoga have incorporated more back training moves in their routines. This will aid in not only developing good posture but will also make your back stronger and more flexible.

In this article, we’ll look at 5 bodyweight exercises that will target your back muscles and strengthen them. If you wish to see how they should be done, you can always Google them or look on YouTube for videos demonstrating how to execute these moves.

Dolphin Kick

Lie on your belly flat on a bench. Your hip should be at the end of the bench with your legs extended and your toes touching the floor. Now raise both your feet up and preferably at a level above your head. You’ll need to recruit your spinal erectors, glutes, hips and abs to execute this exercise.

Handstand Push Ups

You need to be able to do a handstand against a wall before you try this exercise. Once you do a handstand against a wall, slowly lower and raise yourself. This is a handstand push-up and it will work your arms, core and back muscles as you try to stabilize your body and maintain balance.

Pike Push Ups

Assume a standard push-up position and bring your feet closer to your palms as your form an upside down V. The higher your hips are, the more challenging the exercise becomes. Keep your arms and legs as straight as possible.

Now bend your elbows and lower your body forward till your forehead almost touches the floor. Then return to starting position. That is one repetition. Do as many as you can.

Pull Ups

narrow grip pull up starting position
narrow grip pull up high position

Everybody knows what pull-ups are. Grab a horizontal bar above your head. Make sure your palms face away from you. Now pull yourself up in smooth, steady motion till your chin is above the bar. The wider you spread out your arms, the more you’ll work your back muscles. This is similar to doing lat pulldowns at the gym.

Shoulder Y Raise

Lie flat on your belly with your arms outstretched forwards. Your arms and torso should form a Y-shape. So, open your arms wider till you get the shape. Now slowly raise both arms above your head and hold it for 3 to 5 seconds. Keep your head lowered. Lower your arms slowly. Do this for 10 to 15 reps and you’ll be good.


Train your back regularly with some of these bodyweight back exercises and with time, your body will be balanced and your torso will be firm. A strong back is the foundation to a healthy body. All movements become easier when your back is flexible and fit. So, do give it the attention it deserves.

Bodyweight back exercises

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