9 Bodybuilding Workout Routines Perfect For Beginners

Bodybuilding Workout Routine for Beginners

Joining a gym and knowing where to start can be both intimidating and frustrating.
You don't know where to start.
You are out of shape, you watch others doing all sorts of exercises and probably copy some random routine you found on the internet.

 A bodybuilding workout routine for beginners can save you months of wasted time and help prevent injuries.
Don't go into the gym and start lifting like a seasoned bodybuilder.
That is a recipe for disaster .

Start off with a program that is designed for a beginner. 

Below you will find 9  gym training programs designed especially for beginners.

beginner workout routne

Image via jcdfitness.com

The JCD Fitness workout comprises of 3 workouts a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
It is a full body routine, falling under what is known as a 3 day split. 
This routine works out your whole body each workout, helping you achieve maximum gains as quickly as posssible.

bodybuilding for beginners

This program from Muscle And Strength will take you 12 weeks to prime your body for more advanced programs. 
It is a 12 week full body workout, including step by step instructions.

6 week beginner workout program

This program from the guys at muscle and strength is a 6 week beginner program working out 4 times a week.
The workouts last around 30 -45 minutes and include the use of barbells, bodyweight cables, dumbbells and machines.

building muscle for beginners

This article show you how to build muscle using bodyweight workouts as well as using weights to build muscle. 

barbell workout for beginners

Image via greatist.com

Sometimes all you have is a barbell and determination.
Check out this barbell only beginners workout and get on the gainz train.

Scooby takes a different approach from the others with his beginners workout. 
The only equipment needed for this workout is a pull up bar, once you can do 100 pull ups, then you can progress to his next workout.

Need a pull up bar for your workouts? 

Check out https://www.musclemeover.com/best-wall-mounted-pull-up-bars to find a pull up bar suited to your needs.

The guys at perfect body magazine have designed a program that is perfect for anyone just starting out with there workouts and also for those that are getting back into lifting weights after an extended absence.

Got 8 weeks to spare to devote your time to lifting weights? 
Tony Gentilecore of Cressy performance has designed a full body program perfectly suited for beginners to get maximum results.
He has posted this routine on Bodybuilding.com

Watch this video below from Vince Del Monte as he explains his
Full Body Workout For Beginners.

So there you have  9 bodybuilding workout routine for beginners that give you the knowledge to confidently tackle the weights.
Choose a workout you feel comfortable with, then stick with it for at least 3 months. 

Don't fall into the trap of changing routines every time you see something new. 
Be consistent, eat good healthy food and be realistic with your goals.

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