The Best Hand Grippers – Develop A Crushing Grip And Bigger Forearms

The benefits of using the best hand grippers are more diverse than you might think.
Read the following  hand strengthener reviews to make an informed decision to get the best gripper for your individual needs.

best hand grippers reviewed

Hand strengtheners, or grippers, may also be used to build endurance, increase dexterity, build muscle in your forearms and even strengthen your wrists.

How To Choose the Best Hand Exercise Equpment For You

Every hand strengthening unit differs from one another slightly.
This is great, as everyone has different needs, but that fact can also be confusing when you are a first-time buyer.

Here are some great questions to consider.

How Much Resistance Do You Need?

Every unit is calibrated to give a certain amount of resistance to the user.
As you can imagine beginners need to start with a lower-resistance model, while more advanced users can opt for a higher calibration.

Entry-level models typically feature 30-40 pounds of resistance, while higher-end ones generally use 60 or so pounds.
Meanwhile, you could also opt for a unit that is adjustable, meaning you will not have to buy more than one for when you need more resistance.

Remember that just like lifting weights, it is better to do more reps than lift the heaviest weight you can only once.

Am I Strengthening My Hands, My Fingers Or My Forearms?

This question might seem silly at face value, but hear us out.
Not all users will want to bulk-up using their hand strengthener; some want more dexterity, increased endurance or even stronger wrists.

If you want to increase your finger dexterity, it will do you no good to invest in a model that is made for forearm strength.
Generally, those units utilize a much higher resistance factor than those made for dexterity training.

To keep you fingers nimble, buy a hand strengthener that is less powerful and do more reps.

If your goal is to build endurance, you may also prefer a different model than those who want a stronger grip.
In fact, for endurance training picking a hand strengthener that is adjustable can be a great idea.

 The option to ramp-up your hand exercises will give you the flexibility to progressively build endurance.

What Is The Best Way To Use The Product?

Many of the grippers you will find seem very easy to use at first glance. However, we all know the saying, "looks can be deceiving", so know the best way to use the product you are investing in.

If you want better dexterity, avoid products that can only be used for strength training.
So, don't only consider the resistance level, but also how your hand will fit over the product.

If the hand strengthener you are looking at is aimed at the muscles of the forearm and wrist, it won't do much good at increasing dexterity. Instead, consider a model that targets individual fingers to challenge each digit, thereby increasing each little muscle in your fingers.

Of course, then, the opposite must be true and if you don't want increased dexterity, but rather more endurance, avoid units that target individual digits.

Want stronger wrists? Then units which allow you to roll your wrists repeatedly will serve you far better than a gripper model.

What About Quality And Warranties

Obviously, you want a quality product for your money, so look out for any warranties/lifetime guarantees that the unit is sold with.
If you want a unit to last a lifetime, don't look in the bargain bin, and if you plan to leave your gripper behind soon, perhaps the bargain bin is exactly where you wish to look.

Also, consider your future hand exercise needs. If you originally buy your unit to help recovery from an injury, make sure you can progressively change the resistance setting.

This is because you will need to increase the strength of your exercise over time to get back into shape.

Conversely, if you wish to retain your current hand strength, you may not need an adjustable product, so you could afford to go with a non-adjustable option.

Any Prerequisites?

This one ties in a bit to the question about resistance. Make sure you do not get a unit that is too powerful for your current strength level, especially if recovering from an injury.

For example, if you want to get strength back after hand surgery, make sure the unit you are choosing will not over-power your hand, or any points which may still be tender in/around your hand.

So, if you are recovering from wrist surgery, don't start out with a wrist roller that is very heavy. You may need to work on forearm strength first to aid your weakened wrist muscles.

Or, if one or more fingers are weak, don't begin with a high-resistance model focused on individual digits, as it may un-do any progress you have made towards recovery.

Trying to do too much too fast might lead to injury, further complicating your issues.

Here Are 5 Choices To Look Through

All right, so now you know what to look for when looking at hand strengtheners. Only thing left to do is to is some window shopping!

Like the name suggests, this model is adjustable between 55 and 154 pounds of resistance.

The MummyFit also operates silently, so you won't worry about disturbing others.

That means it is great for those of us with large families, someone who travels a lot or would like to use our hand strengtheners at the office.

Its construction is of thermoplastic nylon and steel, meaning it will last a long time, even with consistent use. Even the adjustment wheel is made from steel, so you can work out in confidence.

The manufacturer also gives it a lifetime warranty, so you won't have to worry about buying another one later on.

The inclusion of thermoplastic nylon also makes this unit lightweight (.3 pounds), which makes it even better for travel.

MummyFit also made this model compress the spring, as opposed to stretching it, making the unit very safe.


  • Adjustable tensioning
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Bonus workout included
  • Great for strength and endurance exercises


  • The range of motion is not large
  • Not for dexterity training
  • A bit pricey

Captains of Crush Hand, by IronMind, are probably the most traditional choice on our list.
The blueprint is simple; use quality materials to make a great product.

The design is great for hand strengthening, endurance training or even forearm strengthening.

This model is available in many different resistances, as it is not adjustable.

Users can choose from lighter-weight options all the way up to the highest strengths.
Available from 60-365 pounds of resistance.

Constructed from billet aluminum and alloy steel, meaning these units are tough.


  • Large range of resistances
  • High quality manufacturing
  • Great for strength and endurance training


  • These are not adjustable, you need to buy induvidual units as your strength increases
  • Not for dexterity training

The next entry on our list comes in a package of two, so you could work both hands at once, or let a friend join in on the fun.
This unit is adjustable, and you can throttle it between 22 and 110 pounds of resistance.

Each hand exerciser weighs less than one pound, so you can take them almost anywhere.
Even if you have a hectic schedule or travel often, the Luxon Hand Grip Strengthener will go where you go.

These can be used for strength training, injury recovery and endurance training.


  • Adjustable resistance
  • You get 2 grippers
  • Lightweight
  • Great for rehabilitation
  • Compact storage


  • Not for dexterity training
  • Only suited to beginners/intermediates.
  • Maximum resistance of 110 pounds

These grippers are perfect for beginners or those who need help rehabilitating.
The resistance is adjustable from 22-88 pounds, so you can always ramp-up your workout if you need to.

This unit features plastic on the outside for user comfort, with an all metal interior for a long-lasting product.

The Lifestyle Lite is also completely silent, which is perfect for those who want their gripper in the office, while travelling or even at home if you have a large family.

 The manufacturer also gives the product a 365-day warranty, so you don't have to worry about a defective unit. 

This is also very lightweight, weighing in at 7.2 ounces, making it perfect for travel.


  • Adjustable resistance
  • Lightweight
  • 365 day / 1 year warranty
  • Great for strength and endurance work


  • More suitable for beginners
  • Not for dexterity training

The other grippers on this list are great for strength and endurance exercises, so let's throw one in that's perfect for dexterity training. The Gripmaster is designed specifically to work out each of your digits to help with dexterity.

There are several ideations of this model, each with a specific user in mind. The lightest tension setting is 1.5 pounds, but the user can select a unit with up to 9 pounds of resistance per digit.

 The unit is also very small and lightweight, weighing just 2.9 ounces and measuring 2.9 inches long. The design also means it is wonderful for those who are recovering from surgery or a hand injury.


  • Great for dexterity training and rehabilitation
  • Lightweight and small
  • Available in different tensions


  • Not for strength or endurance training
  • Not adjustable


You are an individual with individual needs, so don't settle for anything than the best hand grippers for your needs.

Consider what type of exercise you will do, whether you need an adjustable model and make sure you meet the prerequisites and the perfect gripper will find you.

Our pick for best hand strengthener is...
MummyFit Grip Strengthener and Adjustable Hand Exerciser

This unit is adjustable, travels well, has a fantastic warranty and is flexible enough to fit just about anybody's needs.

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