About us

Hi, I’m Peter Sharpe, (better known as Pete)
The creator of www.musclemeover.com
Thanks for stopping by to learn a bit about myself and also about my blog.

I started taking an interest in my health and fitness in my late 30’s.
I wasn’t that unhealthy or too much overweight, but I wasn’t really taking care of myself either.

This Is Where It All Started

I had been smoking for 25 years, starting when I was 15 years old.
As I approached my forties I really didn’t want to be addicted to smoking anymore and I went on a bit if a self-challenge that took me 3 years to give up!
Finally at 43 years old I gave up smoking.I still ate and drank the same as I had all my life though.
I had managed to stay reasonably trim, but my gut had started to get too big for my liking.

I Joined A Local Gym

So, as I approached my 50’s, I decided to try and get back into shape, like I was in my 20’s and 30’s!
I joined my local gym and worked out 3 times a week.
After 6 months I was working out 6 times a week and the workouts had blown out to around 2 hours!

I was hitting the gym pretty hard, (and loving it) but I pulled some tendons in my right hand at work.
It meant I couldn’t train for 6 months, and needed an operation on my hand.I let my diet and training go and old habits slowly crept in.
I drank too much and ate too much junk food and of course my weight crept up and my gut just ballooned.

Time To Try Again

At the end of 2016 I decided to get fit and lose my belly fat again, but this time I was going to work out from home.
I brought some kettlebells, an ab wheel, some resistance bands and a medicine ball.
And I started tracking my food intake using an online app. By mid-2017 I had lost 6 kg and my energy levels had improved.

I was working out in my garage, or my lounge room and my workouts were around 30 minutes long.My stress levels are down, my diet is healthy and I am enjoying my workouts.
And what I am doing has worked.


I am only human. And a male human!

I still like a beer or a wine.
I like pizza while I watch the footy.
I like cheese and dips and biscuits as well.

So instead of fighting myself, I have worked out ways to still enjoy my lifestyle, but also to be in great shape and be as fit as I can.

I enjoy the occasional wine, not so much the pizza anymore and I had some cheese and biscuits last week.
Just not a whole packet of biscuits with 5 different cheeses washed down with a bottle of wine!

Join Me On My Journey

So if you are in your 40’s or over, stressed to the max, overweight and would like to learn ways to be a fitter, healthier and have heaps of energy then start following my blog because you can do it, just like I have.

Feel free to check out our content and if you have any questions at all contact us.

All The Best 

getting fit at 50 using resistance bands